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MeNu - Centre for Mindful eating and Nutrition


Irene Janssen-Brussels
"I took Caroline's Mindful Eating course in autumn 2012 and I can recommend it to anyone wanting to change the way you eat. 
Dieting is easy, keeping the weight off is very, very difficult. I knew when I wanted to loose weight and keep it off, I needed to make some big changes for life. Before joining Caroline's course I did go and see a dietitian for some guidelines about WHAT to eat (not a strict diet). Caroline's course was just the thing I needed to become more conscious about WHEN and WHY I eat. 
Caroline has a way to combine her expertise with a great personality, someone you can trust to guide you through this exciting (and sometimes scary) proces towards mindful eating.
One year later and the 2 sizes I dropped, are still off. But more importantly Caroline has given me insights into my relationship with food that gives me the power to ENJOY FOOD FULLY!” 

A.VG. - Ghent
"For a long time I have been concerned about my weight, what I should or shouldn’t eat and the number of calories that food contains.
As this had no lasting results, I started looking for the causes of my eating problem.
The eight week Mindful Eating course was an instructive period in which I discovered more about my eating habits than I had in the last twenty years.
Thanks to the many insights I now realise where my problems are, which makes it far easier to stay motivated to change my eating habits."

M.D - Brussels
"Since the training I have been able to listen better to signals from my body saying that I was hungry or full.
I’m more mindful of how, when, where, what and why I eat.
I’ve learned to enjoy eating without always feeling guilty.”