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MeNu - Centre for Mindful eating and Nutrition

How to practice Mindful Eating


"…a  way of paying attention
that is taught through the practice of meditation or other exercises,
in which participants learn to regulate their attention
by focusing non-judgementally
on stimuli such as thoughts, emotions
and physical sensations." 

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness


In the Mindful eating training, the eating moments and foods are the ideal subjects to observe with an open-mind ;

  • sensory impressions
  • physical sensations
  • related thoughts and emotions


What is Mindful Eating?


  • Mindful Eating is not a diet or 'mindful weight loss program'. It is about acceptance, who we are, no matter the body size or physical condition. As expressed by J. Kabat-Zinn : "There is more right with you than wrong".


  • Mindful Eating is about awareness of your eating habits, the sensory / physical sensations you experience during mealtime and the thoughts and emotions that are often present while eating.


  • Mindful Eating is more about with where, when, how and why you eat, instead of what
  • The core of mindfulness is the heart, mindfulness is heartfulness. (S. Santorelli)

Mindful Eating principles

1. Aware of the nurturing properties of food during cooking and eating.
Attitude: Listen to your inner wisdom

2. To select food that is nutritious and enjoyable, explored by all the senses, the taste and flavors.
Attitude: Slowing, attention and self-care

3. Observation of your mental and emotional reactions to food (craving, aversion or neutral), without judgements.
Attitude: Self Acceptance and letting go

4. Aware of physical hunger and satiety signals as a guide to start or stop eating.
Attitude: Listen and rely on the signals of your body and mind

5. More consious for the interwoven relationship between humans, animals and the earth, and the environmental impact of our eating pattern on these systems

Courtesy of The Center for Mindful Eating, United States