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MeNu - Centre for Mindful eating and Nutrition

Be mindful of your eating habits

My weight fluctuates a lot and have difficulties to manage my weight

I have difficulties to find the right words to describe my feelings

I have tried out various diets but they are never long lasting

I often eat to numb negative emotions

I fear losing control

I find it hard to differentiate between emotional and physical hunger

When I feel miserable, I start craving food

I am a perfectionist

I'm very aware of calorie content, fats or carbohydrates

I worry a lot about my weight

I eat small quantities during the whole day, but all together it is more than what others eat

When I'm alone and get bored, I start eating

I eat frequently without being aware of it

I find it hard to specify when my stomach is full

I feel guilty if I have eaten something "bad or unhealthy"

I don't trust my body signalsl

I react impulsively when a craving arises

I worry about weight

I have difficulties to manage stress and food helps to relax

I cannot enjoy food without feeling guilty

I eat mindless and do not really taste or smell all the flavours

I have fear losing control


The more statements you recognize, the more mindless eating is part of your eating pattern